In 2014 I’ve seen this blog post where the author tries to mining bitcoin using pencil and paper. Of course it’s just stupid, but sometimes it’s a great method to understand how things really works.

Few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to buy a pen plotter.

I’ve been following on twitter the work from @makio64, @florianzumbrunn, @mattdesl, @Julien_Espagnon and more…and I always been fascinated by those pen plotter.

One of the most popular choice seems to be AxiDraw V3. I was almost tempted to buy it…but just before doing it, I found a much cheaper clone on Aliexpress.

There are multiple sellers with the same plotter apparently

So I just gave it a go.

Few people asked me information and whether it’s worth it. I’ll just share here my experience:

I ended up buying from this seller: which claims “European duty-free…

This article was written by Luigi De Rosa and Thierry Michel.

The province of Liège approached us to come up with a tablet app to tackle physical and mental health issues in children. The app will be deployed in all primary schools of the province.

From web development to Unity (technical choices)

During the pitch we had imagined a whole series of features which required us to make technical choices.

The first step was therefore to do a little R&D, especially since we had to give the client specifications on the purchase of the tablets.

Web vs Native (Unity)

At EPIC we’re familiar with web technologies and over the years…

At EPIC we just released, a website dedicated to an upcoming conference on the world of cargo industry & innovation.

The website contains some nice parts and I thought would be interesting to share some tech insights.

DOM to WebGL

I don’t know if I would define it as a trend, but more and more websites are mixing WebGL with classic DOM/CSS to have more control over the graphic pipeline. This allows more freedom and creative opportunities that would otherwise be impossible or result in a less performant experience.

We used threejs for the WebGL part, although we’re mainly using it as…

Instead of drawing all our scene directly into the screen, we render the whole scene in a texture, and then render this single texture to screen with a new mesh and shaders. That’s what postprocessing means.

There are already multiple examples and implementation in three.js.

Usually those implementation creates a new Scene with a Quad (a full screen plane) and an Orthographic camera and they support multiple passes.

I thought this may be overkill for my projects, so here’s my little light implementation.

Two main differences:

  • Instead of using a Quad with 4 vertices, we’re going to use just…

This article was written by Luigi De Rosa and Thierry Michel.

We recently developed a Facebook Instant Game for Red Bull, to promote their AirDrop media campaign for the worldwide launch of a new range of soft drinks.

This was an intensive and challenging project for which we had to get technically creative…so we thought we’d share our experience

The game we decided to build is an infinite “sky chaser” type of game. Basically, you are the pilot of a hot-air balloon that has to grab as many Organics(tm) cans as possible and drop them at specific spots to earn…

Luigi De Rosa

Senior WebGL @activetheory

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